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Federal or State Drug Crime



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FBI crime statistics indicate that drug-related offenses make up one third of all arrests nationwide. Because drug laws exist at both the state and federal level, you could be prosecuted by both courts if charged with possession, distribution, manufacturing or trafficking of illegal drugs, including marijuana, methamphetamines, cocaine and heroin.

Drug crimes include a number of different offenses and factors, most important of which are the nature of the crime and the controlled substance involved. If you have been charged with any type of drug offense, or are being investigated by law enforcement, contacting an experienced defense lawyer as soon as possible is crucial. Drug crimes are common offenses in Arizona, and law enforcement is specially trained to handle arrests and secure evidence. Additionally, prosecutors are familiar with these types of crimes, and will use their insight to convict and penalize offenders

Time is an important factor in any case. If you have been arrested, you should be focused on working with seasoned Phoenix drug crime lawyers who know how to handle tough cases, especially when it comes to serious felony or federal drug crimes. Ed Matchett has helped many clients defend against their drug charges, and although every case is unique, at Matchett Law the goal is always provide the aggressive defense needed to secure positive resolutions.

Obtaining experienced legal help immediately is vital if you are arrested or if a police officer questions you about a situation that might lead to misdemeanor or felony drug charges. The knowledge, experience and legal skills of the attorney who represents you will play an important role in the outcome of your case.

Many of those who contact us are unfamiliar with the workings of the criminal justice system. The procedures, tactics, and demands of a criminal trial call for the skills of a talented defense attorney. Don’t take chances with a cheap or an inexperienced attorney. Put your case in the hands of a strong and able defender.

Ed Matchett, of Matchett Law, in Douglas, Arizona, has extensive experience in a broad range of serious drug crimes and represents clients in state and federal courts in Arizona.  

Whether you are being charged in state or federal court, we can defend you against charges of drug related crimes. Drug crimes include charges of possession, manufacture, conspiracy, and distribution, or sale regarding any illegal substance. Whether the drug involved is steroids, methamphetamine, cocaine, crack, ecstasy, or some other substance, it is important to have an attorney on your side who knows how to approach these serious situations. Prosecutors focus extensive resources on people accused of drug crimes.

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Convictions in drug cases often result from a police search and seizure that violates the defendant’s rights under the Fourth Amendment. A search may occur during a routine traffic stop, in a home or place of business, or at a public event if a law enforcement officer suspects the use or presence of illegal drugs or narcotics.

Regardless of whether the officer had a search warrant, a skilled criminal defense attorney will always investigate the legality of the search and the procedures followed at the times the accused was detained, when evidence was seized and when statements were made.

At the Matchett Law Office, we do not simply process cases by persuading clients to accept a plea or jail sentence. Arizona Drug Crime Defense Attorney Ed Matchett will carefully evaluate all the circumstances surrounding your case and aggressively fight the charges filed against you. He will ensure that you understand any plea bargains offered and have all the facts you need to make informed decisions. If the best course of action is going to trial, he is always prepared to craft an aggressive defense on your behalf.


Types of Drug Crimes

We provide an experienced, aggressive defense for all state and federal drug charges, including the following:

Possession of drugs, narcotics or other illegal substances

Drug trafficking (sometimes referred to as drug dealing or selling drugs)

Drug manufacturing (including manufacturing methamphetamines - meth)

Drug cultivation (e.g., growing marijuana)


When you or someone you care about needs legal advice and guidance about a Federal or State drug charge in Arizona, retain the services of an experienced Arizona Drug Crime Defense Attorney before you speak to anyone. Getting legal help is your constitutional right.

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Retaining a criminal defense lawyer with extensive trial experience, especially experience with drug offenses, can significantly affect the outcome of your case. We will help you understand the charges you face and explain your options to you.

For additional information about state or federal drug charges, or to discuss your particular drug charges in confidence with an experienced Arizona Drug Crime Defense Attorney, schedule a consultation by calling Arizona Drug Crime Defense Attorney Ed Matchett (520) 364-3844. If you prefer, you can fill out our contact form and we will contact you to schedule a consultation.

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